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Ramon Castillo and Alfonso Peduto have developed the Art of the Loop as a flexible and expansive concert program for the last several years. The program utilizes numerous technologies to move live looping from  simple effect-oriented performance to a robust platform for composition, improvisation, and stage performance. These looping protocols allow for users to automate every parameter of a looped composition: loop length, loop volume, effects amounts and parameter levels, tempo (for loops or global), pitch, direction, start and stop times, and outboard gear parameters. This allows for a much enhanced degree of musical expression (dynamics, polyrhythm, asymmetry, etc.) Live performances have featured:

string quartet (Publiquartet), percussion (pitched and unpitched), solo piano, solo guitar, guitar and percussion duo, toy piano, solo violin, Javanese gamelan, harp, synthesizer, and saxophone. This looping system utilizes Ableton Live and Max for Live and can integrate into any acoustic performance setting. 

Looping protocol video can be viewed here. Continue below for immersive audio/video experience!

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